So in order to receive ''OUR AD REVENUE"?

So let me get this straight, i posted here months ago, and amended my claims, but after getting on with life and practically not using brave for anything ‘cryptocurrency’ related, i came back to withdraw some of my Bat from AD revenue, and im back to square one. Why is KYC required to take the AD revenue that i have earned? This is a “privacy” browser correct? SO the only way i can take my bat out, is if i create an uphold account, which requires way too much personal information. Am i correct in assuming that? There is no reason that your brave wallet is unable to send funds to any other wallet like atomic or coinomi or samurai. Privacy wallet that requires you to use KYC to take out your money… This seems to me like if it was a commonly known “feature” of brave browser than the future is looking pretty grim. The U.S. cracking down more and more on exchanges and cryptocurrencies is making people resort to Decentralized exchanges that have no kyc verification, and it seems like im going to have to get rid of all my bat while its still worth something if brave requires a centralized wallet. There is no normal wallet that requires a KYC to use it. I am so dissapointed i will not be using brave any longer and i will be dumping the thousands i have invested into BAT as a result.

It really is too shame.

I don’t know what will they do, but they are awera of it.

Its important to remember that Brave, like any other company, must abide by the law:

abide by the law? I own many wallets, they dont require any sort of verification, or identity checking of any kind. Now an exchange on the other hand is a different story, anytime it involves a Fiat currency, you must provide a KYC. I am not asking, how can i sell my BAT for USD, EUR, YEN, YUAN etc. I am asking how i can move my BAT from my brave wallet, where there is no withdraw function to a NORMAL wallet. I use Atomic wallet and i use KeepKey. I own my BAT wallet, correct? I own my KeepKey, I own an atomic wallet, why is it, that a person must verify there identity before you release their crypto tokens that they have technically earned? This isnt an ICO, It is not in relation to any FIAT currency, I am not trying to ask how can i move it from brave wallet to Binance exchange. I want to move my BAT to my wallet so it is stored securely for an undetermined amount of time.

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