So, im using the brave browser for ios on iPad and i have an issue with

So my problem with the website is that whenever i try to open it, it just kind of take a long time loading and then shows me a message that your device is fine but there is a problem with the site’s servers which shows some 522 connection timed out feature
I check on android and windows but they dont display such issue

Could you try on any other chromium based browser in the iPad?

Hello @Chox, thank you for contacting us. Have you checked your internet connection? You can do it by going to Have you tried rebooting your modem? Here are some suggestions and how we can solve this particular issue:

Hope it can help you. Regards.

@Chox 9anime has been having issues on occasion. Like yesterday their loaded intermittently on all my browsers. Not quite sure what was going on. Sometimes you have to bounce between their other domains. Such as or (they used to have but that one just forwards now)

They do keep running if you ever need to see current domains that you can choose from that belong to them, and aren’t just clone sites.

Other option I can suggest is my backup site for anime, which is

I’m not a fan of the layout but they do really good on uploads, sometimes even faster than 9anime.

Not a solution, rather a workaround, try mirrors from:

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