So close to being our daily driver - still need

PC version, Win10

  • Please provide the option to move Print and Find inside the Brave menu to the task bar (take it from 2 clicks for these functions down to 1)

  • Also, provide more task bar customization, ability to move more than just the extension buttons around. Would also be nice to be able to move extension buttons to other side of address/search bar, and switch around/relocate home/back/fwd/refresh buttons.

  • In Settings, would be great to be able to set opening links to another site in new tab, open links to another page within a site within the same tab, and force new windows/popups to open in a new tab, also for bookmarks to open in new tab option. Another Settings option needed, is to be able to set how many Bookmark Toolbar rows one would like (would be really helpful).

  • With scripts, it would also be an awesome time saver, if there were a way to permanently allow some scripts, and temp allow others, instead of applying only once without any other option, kind of like NoScript performs.

In Manage People, would be nice if we were able to upload our own unique pic.

On the Extensions page, could really use a link or ability to search for extensions there (again, save clicks).

So very close to becoming our daily driver - once we see these above * items added, it shall be.

Other than these atm, really nice, Brave looking and functioning very nicely - great work!

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