Snap version of beta

I did see an old post with this subject but it was closed… As far as I can tell, the snap packages are out of date again… I currently use the beta and prefer to install via snap. Any idea when this will be updated.


| --- | --- | --- | --- |
|latest/stable|v0.25.2dev|25 days ago|[Install ›](|
|latest/beta|v0.23.77dev|3 months ago||
|latest/edge|v0.25.2dev|25 days ago||

Hi @7im4pple,

Looks like this is for the current Brave (brave-muon) version. This version will be replaced by the new Brave (brave-core). I don’t think the brave-muon version will have any update unless notification upgrade to the new Brave.

You may want to try the new Beta. But this version have no snap package, yet.
Logged issue Snap Package for Brave · Issue #1007 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub

More information:


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