Smooth Scrolling not working



Today I installed Brave browser for the first time on this PC running Windows 8.
Smooth Scrolling was disabled by default. I have enabled it and restarted the browser, but scrolling was still not smooth.

On Firefox, Smooth Scrolling works perfectly.



Hi Pajodaxo,

you are not the only one with this problem, please use the search function to reduce the amount of duplicate topics. :wink:

Unfortunately for us laptop users, this does not seem to have a very high priority… :disappointed:

I’d love to use Brave as my default browser, so please assign some time to looking into this issue, devs.


Hi Niels,

Thanks for your reply, but it seems my problem is different.
I’m not using a laptop, but a regular desktop PC.


For Brave laptop and desktop is almost same meaning :slight_smile:


This is why I thought it’s a different problem, but it could be the same…


Just an update, I switched to the 32bit version, and the problem persists.
Also, disabling/enabling hardware acceleration doesn’t affect smooth scrolling.