Smaller payment amounts?


Is making more precise payments going to be in the pipeline soon? I have two machines I run Brave on, and they both have the same wallet, so if I only want to do the 25 bat monthly contribution, I’m stuck disabling one of the payment systems and one half of my visited sites will miss out on payments.
In addition with the wonderful increases in bats price (to the moon baby!) I may still wish my contribution to be based on Fiat amounts. Having a more precise sliding scale or a manual input would be fantastic.

Thanks for the active support and open communication, Brave is shaping up so well!


Hi @Torch

Yep, we’re looking at both adding smaller amounts and the ability to do custom amounts:
Smaller Amount:
Custom Amount:



Wonderful! The payment device syncing is also a great thing to hear, as long as that data is P2P.
Thanks for the response.

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