Smaller bokmarks bar letters and icons as a option


I think that there should be a option to decrease the size of the letters and symbols in the bokmarks bar. Because some people have lots of bokmarks and want them easily accessible.
It is just a option that would be added and no one would be pissed of.


I endorse this request. Also an option to remove favicons in bookmarks bar.


I only use the favicons on the favorites bar, keeping short text only for folders, so I can have a lot of them, but I admit that the space between these favicons is a little too wide, a few pixels less would be better.

  • firefox offers the least space between favicons
  • opera, a little more and
  • chromium/brave even more


I would also like to see the reduction in space between the favicons, and the reduction of the font size.
Here is the difference in favicons and font size between Core and Muon. Same bookmarks in both versions. I feel like I get a much better overview if the size is smaller and, of course, there is more space in case more bookmarks need to be added.