Small improvements to the New Tab

Here goes some additions to the New Tab that i think will improve Brave

1.Folders : Make a option that folders will be open as soon as you hoover your mouse above them. For people that have their bookmarks tab appearing at all times this won’t be good, but for ones like me, that set it only to show it in the new tab, will be fantastic, a lot o clicks would be saved!

2.Top Sites/Favorites window: You guys can pretty much expand at least 2 columns in this window, i have a small monitor (1366x768) and even so i have a lot of screen space for more favorites without making it look crowded. Still in this window, it would be nice if we have the possibility to transit to others top sites/favorites window with just a mouse wheel scroll, once again saving a lot of clicks!

I guess this is it, just some small changes that i think will help improve the workflow in the New Tab. I hope you guys consider it!