Small glitch detected when opening new tabs (bookmark related)

I have a minor issue with the new tab action and the bookmarks bar which has only developed over the last few weeks.

I am using

  • Windows 10
  • Brave Version 1.44.112
  • Chromium 106.0.5249.119
  • No extensions added

Settings > Get Started

  • On start-up, open a specific page, https://…

Settings > Appearance

  • Show Home Button, ON, https://…"
  • Show bookmarks bar, OFF

Settings > New Tab Page

  • New tab page shows Homepage

There are only eight bookmarks stored in the Brave Bookmarks feature.

This configuration has worked fine for some time, (I reckon at least two years), but recently, not sure exactly when, probably within the last month, the New Tab behaviour has changed slightly. When I start the browser, it loads the home page fine. When I am looking at a different site and press the Home button, it loads the home page again without issue. However, if I click the plus icon for a new tab, I get a blank page with the Bookmarks bar for between one and two seconds before the bookmarks disappear and it loads the target page.

As I have the bookmarks turned off in the settings, I shouldn’t be seeing the bookmarks bar at all.

This happens every time, and it is not dependent upon the site used as the homepage. When loading that same URL from the initial browser launch, or from the home button, or by typing it manually into the address bar, you do not see the bookmark bar. I have also tested it using a file on my own C drive to eliminate network issues and it still does the same. I’ve tried all the things I can think of, such as turning off graphics accelleration, turning the bookmarks bar on and off again, run a virus scan, etc, and so far failed to pin down why the behaviour on this machine has changed.

Obviously you can only notice this behaviour if you normally have the bookmarks bar turned off and the New Tab action set to display a predefined address. If I set the New Tab action to be to show a blank page, that works fine. There is no momentary appearance of the bookmarks bar when it is creating a black new tab.

Whilst this issue is not in any way critical, it might indicate a blip in the coding somewhere if anyone has been changing the new tab code over the last couple of months.

Further information: I have tested this on a Windows 11 laptop and the same problem occurs there, albeit intermittently. The Windows 11 laptop is slightly faster overall than the Win 10 machine, I think, but otherwise a very similar config.

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