'Sluggish/Slow', Not light weight?


Hi all,

I am a vivid Chrome using and slowly looking to switch over to using the Brave Browser. Thought I’d dive in at the deep-end this weekend and try a full weekend of using. My experience has been good although a little slow.

I’ve found the browser to be sluggish slow when starting up for the first time (just using a homepage and not loading previous tabs etc.). I’ve also found that when opening a new tab and trying to go to a website the auto-complete can’t seem to catch up enough.

I’m aware Brave it still in beta stages but has anyone else also been experience these issues. Hopefully the Brave team will get it right soon within a few updates and I will happily switch-over!


I haven’t experienced the slow or sluggishness of Brave yet, but I doubt I’ll switch to it because they don’t allow users to install what they want for extensions. “They” become the big brother and gov’t that needs to control users choices of what they want to do or not. They don’t let the users choose what they want to install and use. They’re becoming or are, exactly who they’re trying to get away from. The irony. Also, apparently bookmarks start randomly disappearing, not good. Bookmarks are still dissappearing one by one


Please post what version of Brave you are using from about:Brave and what OS you are on. Thanks!


Apologies. I’m using version 0.19.131 of Brave, and I’m running Windows 10 Pro.


Has the update helped you with the sluggish?

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