Slow startup, even on high-end PC



Im a new and proud user of Brave, its an amazing browser. I was just wondering why the startup of the browser is relatively slower than say chrome or firefox. I have a really high end PC so it shouldnt be a hardware issue. Its not that big of a deal, but if you could look into it I would surely appreciate it!

i7 7700K
GTX 1080 Ti
Operating system is WIN10
Brave is installed on a 500GB Samsung SSD

Thank you, and have a nice day!


Thanks for the feedback @Strangemonkey,

The team is working to improve start up time. :slightly_smiling_face:



Thats great to hear.
Is there also any work happening at the moment with regards to the bookmarks. I sometimes find when I click on a folder in my bookmark bar, it’s very slow to load (like it’s refreshing the list before showing it). For example I have a main bookmark folder, which has 14 sub-folders, which is then full of lots of bookmarks and additional sub-folders to that, this is very slow to load (2-3 seconds) when I click on it.

URL bar
Top sites from the URL bar is really strange because it keeps listing sites I never use, for example I start to type in, and it’ll recommend,, which are all sites I’ve never used and so shouldn’t show in my top sites (surely this is my top sites based on my usage?) I never understood why it always put at the top of my list in the URL dropdown as well. I never use it, same when I type in google, I never use always yet .com is always at the top.


That’ll be fixed on 0.20.x as well :slight_smile:

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