Slow! Brave takes far too long to open anything and everything

I’m not sure why you close discussion topics here so quickly. Many other people have the same complaint I do, but because the discussions have been closed I have to open a new topic.

Brave is extraordinarily slow to open everything. Though I love the browser in theory, especially the BAT system, security features and lack of ads, at this point I am going to have to go back to Chrome. I will check back periodically to see if Brave has gotten its act together, but it just isn’t feasible for me to wait 20-120 seconds for every single new tab or website to open. Very disappointing.


Hi @Reidob,
I’m sorry this happened to you. Actually, it can be vary from user to user. For me, my Brave is working well while I saw other users say Brave is slow on their device.

It may be caused by large history, bookmarks, etc. And I think it’s not easy to fix it without more information about that slowness.

But let me cc @kamil @Mattches in case they have any info/help.

The problem with describing the slowness is that it truly is every website, every time. I doubt the problem is with how I am using it because all other browsers perform much better and faster with similar use. If it helps, I use Windows 10. I am on high speed DSL, but blaming the connection doesn’t seem reasonable because all other browsers, etc. Thanks for any help anyone can give. If it works correctly, Brave would certainly be my preferred browser.

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I never actually had this problem though I just tried it out and it seems ok the speed. Only when you using the private tab with tor it can take a bit of time for it to connect to the tor network but other than that its ok the speed so that is a bit strange.

@joe232, I’m a little confused - are you saying that it’s only in Tor tabs that you experience slow speeds?

When establishing a connection to the tor servers yes it is slow as well when browsing the web using a tor connection it can be quite slow at times.

for me also the browser is slow to start, but once launched it becomes fast.
may it be necessary to wait for the new version, with “brave-core”

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I am also having an issue with OPENING a new LINK. Specifically, there is a delay after you click to open a new link. When I first installed Brave, I would open a link and the delay of 5-7 seconds would throw me to the point I would think it didn’t register and I would try to open it again, resulting in 2 tabs with the link.
I have gotten used to it now, so at least I am more patient before I retry it.
It seems like the browser is doing a lot of screening behind the scenes before it opens, while other browsers open, but don’t completely load the link while they scan it.
I do appreciate that it doesn’t load the garbage though!
A 2nd issue, possibly related, is that if all windows are closed and you open a link, it always reopens a tab with the last site you were on, first, and then opens the newly selected link. Now THAT is annoying and a waste of time and resources.

For anyone in this thread,

I’m going to assume you’re still using the Muon build of Brave (v0.24.0). While I understand the frustration, we’re currently in the process of migrating our issues away from Muon and into our Brave-Core build. As such, I’m happy to log an issue regarding the responsiveness (@amt2100) and speed (@Reidob, @Ericmd), it’s highly unlikely that these changes would see the light of day on the Muon build.

That being said, I very highly recommend jumping over and trying out the Developer Build - an early release version of Brave-Core. It has a litany of new features and fixes and performs exceptionally. Any issue you’re facing with the Muon build is likely fixed in the Developer release.

EDIT: Updating this to mention that the same can be said of the Brave Beta release

thanks to you mattches

but my antivirus = kaspersky, do not like your developer version; =)
we can not wait for this one to go into a stable version or at least a beta version


@Ericmd, we’re aware of the Kaspersky situation. We had a similar one withMalwarebytes as well, but they were very quick to resolve the issue. We are still waiting on a response from Kaspersky to resolve the problem:

IIRC, you can whitelist the installer which will allow Brave to install/run. As long as you got your download from I can assure you there’s nothing malicious about our Software.

New tabs are not a problem for me, but the initial launch of Brave on Mac OS X takes 15+ sec, four times longer than Chrome. REALLY looking forward to the new Brave-Core.


This thread answers every single problem I had. With both the sluggishness of the .24 release, and the Kaspersky issues trying to install the damn developer version.
Thank you, guys!

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Just installed the Dev build.


The speed improvements are phenomenal. This really rocks!

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Browser consuming so many data during browsing Internet. And page opening very slow.
Sometimes browser closed without any reason. So many bug in your web browser so please remove these bug in your next update… My English is not so good, please try to understand…

I’d highly recommend trying out the Brave Beta release. Faster, less issues, support for extensions, and a million other reasons to switch over. Here are some links to get you started:

Brave Beta Download
Official Beta Announcement
Brave Beta Support here in Community

Additional resources:

Brave Software Twitter
Brave Support Twitter
BATProject Reddit