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Hi! I’m in love with your browser but there’s one simple bad thing.
There is no selection for Slovakia language.
I would really love if you could import slovakian Spell checking :slight_smile:


Hi @Klimexx,
thanks for the request.

AFAIK, language option for spell checking is added when Brave support that language as browser language option. Maybe you can try to help Brave to localize Brave into Slovak language? If you would like to help, I’m happy to help you to get started.



Hi @eljuno

Yea I could try to localise Brave into Slovak language :slight_smile:
So you could help me to get started


Thanks for you interest to help! Here’s some information to get started :wink:

  • Localization is mostly done by contributors and Brave use Transifex for localization effort. You can create an account if you don’t have one.
  • And go to this Slovak language project
  • Click Join team, and if your request accepted, you can start to translating!
  • For translating, click resource (eg. that you want to translate. And then click Translate button.
  • Voila! Start translating the available strings. :slight_smile:
  • In this case you also can suggest new translation if you see the previous suggested not good enough or have mispell.
  • Once the progress reach 100% (all resources translated), please PING us so the team can include it as language option.

Also feel free to ask if you have any question.


Hi @Klimexx, so I was wrong; I’m sorry.

Just got clarification from the team that adding language support for spell checking is not tied to browser language support. I just opened a request to add Slovak as option for spell check. You can track it here



Again Hi @eljuno

I sign up into transifex and it seems like Slovak language is done from 168 words to 168 words.
There were only few words that I translate in minutes.
So I’m wondering what’ll be next move?
Cause i think Slovak language is ready to be applied into browser.


Hi @eljuno no problem.
I’m so happy right now.
This browser is one of the best and i was upset that it doesn’t have my national language :frowning:
But i hope it will be added as soon as it’s possible. :slight_smile:


Like I said before, you can do quality check for translated strings. You can see the existing suggested string that done by other contributors and suggest new translation if you see any misspell or the translation is not good enough.

As I can see, that 168/168 is for only. And Brave have many properties that need to translate/quality check

Like that still around 47% of completion. If all properties are 100%, we can open an issue for adding Slovakia language support. :slight_smile:


Ok i will be working on that.
And i will try my best. :slight_smile:


Hi @eljuno

So as i said i was worked on Translation.
And i finish error section.
I check it out in Slovakian language for minimalism the errors.
And yea i think everything is OK.
I’m student but i was 2 years in England. :slight_smile:

Hope it’ll work and we’ll have slovak language soon as possible.


I just updated the GitHub issue linked above >> adding Slovakia language support both for spell checker and browser language option. :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping @Klimexx! :clap:
In the future you may need to check the Transifex page sometimes, in case the team adding new strings.


Yea i will check it out recently.
And no problem @eljuno

If there is anything i could help with please let me know i can even give me my personal contact.
I would like to help here on this awesome project in this forum or everywhere else. :slight_smile:

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