Slimmer addressbar and tab bar


Or generally a way to create a “theme” that allows the bars to be made slimmer. Both bars could be about 60% as high as they are now without clipping icons or anything.

I noticed that there was an idea about a “theme.js” but I got the impression that this was only about changing colors, which would be nice, too.


Hi @tlaloc77,

Brave rewrite version[1] will have Chromium UI (same look like Chrome) and support for themes. Maybe we can wait until this version is released since I’m not sure the team will do major changes especially for the UI.



Thank you very much, eljuno!
That’s some good news in it: It will be possible YAY! But also bad news: The blog post is only about 2 weeks old and doesn’t mention a time, so… probably… wait several months? Maybe longer? And also, with such a change “around the corner” it’s unlikely that there will be much work put into improvements of the existing UI :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway, that sounds great, altogether :smiley:


No estimated time for now. But it’s planned to be released this year. :slight_smile: