Sleeping Extensions (Putting Extensions to sleep after X seconds of inactivity)

Hello, can you add a feature to temporarily disable all extension after a set of “idle time”

For example, if i download a 3 GB file (and if the download gets finished)and i started playing the file, while the video is playing continuously for 90+ seconds, the brave browser, in an effort to save memory, the browser can automatically temporarily disable(sleep) all of the extensions(excluding the ones which users has added to the whitelists) and after the browser detects an activity like a mouse movement on any page, it can silently wake up(enable) all of the extensions.

I tried searching on the web for “Sleeping Extensions” but nothing found, so you could be first if you introduce this first, this really improves the performance and reduce/ease up the workload on the RAM and allows CPU to process the video or any other background activity much more efficiently as it reduces stress on both RAM and CPU.