SkyGo No full screen icon

Fast browser but there is no full screen button on SkyGo (NZ), so can’t watch full screen, which is not good obviously! f11 does not work

Hi @stretchini, welcome to Community!

Can you confirm if SkyGo’s full screen button works on other browsers? Also, what is your page zoom level?

100% in both browsers. Full screen button on Chrome No full screen button on Brave. Fast browser, so get that sorted and I’m in!
See attached screenshots


Apologies for the late reply. We appreciate your patience. What are your Shield settings? Do you have scripts blocked? Have you tried to load the site with Shields down? I’ve got a few other things for you to try and see if the full screen icon will appear.
If you navigate your cursor to where the full screen icon should be, can you interact with it?
Can you try changing the zoom level or the browser font size?

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