Sites that work on Brave on android not working on iphone 11

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Sites that work fine on Brave on android not working on iphone 11.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. go to in Brave on iPhone 11 (or I think any iphone). Site will not run unless you remove Block Ads & Tracking and other options. Then of course I see adds. If you turn on Block Ads then only outline of site appears. I pay for premium access for this site but do not pay for their version of ad blocking. I have no problems when I do the same on android.
  2. go to in Brave on iPhone 11. Site will run but shows me ads (at the bottom of individual articles) unless I choose Block Scripts. If I turn on Block Scripts and then move to another page on the site - it is blank. Does not show anything. Will not work again unless I turn off Block Scripts. I log on for this site but it is free and anyone can use it. I have no problems when I do the same on android.
  3. Have had similar issues with nbcnews site but that seems to be working today.

Expected result:
Expect things to work on iphone the same as on android.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
I don’t know where to check this. However I just downloaded the app on my iphone on 12/3/2019.

Mobile Device details
iphone 11
prior phone android LG Stylo V

Additional Information:
I love Brave. Especially as it blocks really unpleasant taboola ads and similar.

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