Sites show empty boxes instead of descriptions on other browsers

when I open a site eg batik air, I cannot see the icons. they show as boxes and I don’t know what they reflect or what actions I can perform by clicking them. how to I see them. ? I looked in your help resources and tried questioning this but fot no results from prior posts, or from the settings page. eg

@Cando I just tested and can’t replicate your issue. Btw, it’s also important you provide a lot more details when you seek help. For example:

  • What version of Brave are you using (Provide exact version number, don’t just say “the latest”)

  • What OS? (Such as Windows 11, Android 13, iOS 16.6, etc)

  • Does this issue occur with Shields off?

  • Have you tried opening in a Private window?

  • If on desktop, have you tried a new browser profile (making sure not to install any extensions on the new test profile)

  • So maybe a screenshot of your issue might help too? For example, screenshots below to show I’m not having any issues I don’t think.

And clicking on things has tooltip pop up to see more details, as you can see below:

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