Sites on first tab often doesn't load, but the same site on the second tab does



So, often sites don’t work out of the box ( I have all shields up. Brave version is 36ae2ec), so I am used to go the the lion and enable scripts/fingerprinting/ as needed.

One thing I noticed is that quite often the site isn’t working because it is in the first tab of the browser. If I open a second tab, the site does load (it has then inherited the shield changes that I made on the first tab). If I try to reload the first tab, it still stays blank, while the second tab does load. Dragging the first tap to the second place of the tab bar doesn’t change its behavior - it still doesn’t load. Adding a third tab with the same website works just fine, like the second tab. Closing the browser, and opening it again. and then navigating to the website works fine. So maybe there is something with the tab on which the shields were first adjusted that screws things up?

See for an example where I have this problem.


Hi @bor

What operating system do you have? Are you still experiencing this on the latest version of Brave? (0.18.36)



This was on mac. Seems to be resolved in the recent builds.

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