Sites not working with metamask since update

Since I updated a few days ago I can no longer connect Metamask to any of the sites I use with that wallet. It does say the sites are connected in metamask with a green dot but the sites do not work. Bit of a noob here. Please help!

Some example sites that wont connect…

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I have similar situation.

MetaMask seems to not be working correctly, users have been reporting issues lately.

Same problem. How do we get help? I see that no one has responded with a solution in 9 days. This is frustrating.

Hello everyone – apologies for the late reply.
Looking into this now and it would be very helpful if anyone seeing this can tell me:

  1. The Brave version and OS you’re using
  2. Whether or not you have MetaMask set as your default wallet for Dapps (Settings --> Wallet)
  3. What MetaMask version is showing in the browser

Appreciate everyone’s patience.

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I have got same problem, initially I deleted Metamask extension and installed it again that helped but after next update same issue came back.

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I am no longer having the issue, but here’s my work around I started using.

My metamask is connected to my Hardware Trezor wallet.

When transactions got stuck I would open the Trezor Suite App and connect to the wallet (top right of app) which would cancel the transaction instead of it hanging.

Then try again… it’s not ideal, but it got me through the issue.

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