Sites not showing as verified

I have verified my sites, and they have show as verified before, but now they are not showing as verified. Why might that have changed and how do I update them.

per thread Verified accounts not showing as verified - #2 by RichWallace creating a new thread for my issue.


@chuckdee can you share the URL’s for the sites?
twitch - hachibushu

Thank you, the team is looking into this.

Just checking in to see if there was any word on this?

There are lots of sites that I know are verified but don’t show up as verified when I go to them. Is this ever going to be fixed? Brave rewards are kind of useless to me if I can’t contribute to the verified creators I want to.


Any word yet? Or an ETA?

Still haven’t heard anything so was checking in so the thread doesn’t close.

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Still haven’t heard anything, so checking in.

@steeven - can you give me an update? this has been a while now.

Thanks for your patience here @chuckdee - a fix was implemented for similar reports, looking why it didn’t take affect for you. Can you confirm what country you’re verified in?

United States through Uphold

@chuckdee is this still an issue for you? This should now be fully resolved.

Yes, it is resolved. Thank you very much!