Sites not retaining awareness of this browser

I recently did a shutdown/restart of my mac Book. Since then sites where I have to log in, which give me the option of having them recognize me, do not recognize me and provide feedback to the effect “you don’t usually log on from this device.” It’s the only device and Brave is the only browser I use. Need advice on what may be happening re: Brave.

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@Pemmett608 the template exists for a reason. I’m not sure why you chose to ignore the questions it asked. In any case, I’m going to give you some questions below that you should answer if you would like to get any assistance.

  • Can you please advise which version of Brave you’re using?

  • Would you clarify which OS you’re using? You labeled it as Desktop, but then put ios which would be tablet or phone only. That issue aside, it still is important to know which version of an OS you’re using when you seek assistance. Such as Mac Catalina, ios 16.5, etc.

  • Is this all websites or just a particular website? If it’s particular website, can you provide a link?

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