Sites not loading?

Hello there,
Its been a couple days and certain sites have stopped loading. The most annoying of all is musescore, when I try to open a score it just load s forever and never finishes loading and I am met with this message.

I have checked, it is not an issue with other websites, and with other browsers. I have tried uninstalling my extensions but nothing seems to work. I should also mention that I don’t have this issue in the private tab mode.

@Corefly this part here essentially gives you the answer. Private window differences are:

  • Opens with no cookies
  • Disables all extensions by default
  • Clears cookies after closing the session.

If an issue is resolved by opening in Private tab, it means either you need to clear all cookies or you need to remove extensions. Majority of the time the issue is with extensions.

If you have uninstalled all extensions (if you’ve kept extensions, then perhaps test in a new profile or make sure to remove all extensions) and not seen improvement, next step would be to clear cookies. Make sure you do it for All Time. This means you will have to log in to websites again, but pretty much is the next logical step.

Would enable shields, in case the tracking/ads scripts are causing issues.

Have also rolled out improvement for the site, to remove the empty spaces left over;

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