Sites not loading properly

I’ve noticed two sites that previously worked don’t anymore.

  1. League of Kingdoms will not load in the newest version of Brave, ever since I updated I can’t get into the game; it doesn’t matter if shields are up or down.

  2. PowerTeacher Pro, it does work with shields down; but previously it didn’t matter.

Hello @ZSM

  1. if this the site it work here but with shield settings standard for both tracker and fingerprint
    so check your sheild setting if it did not work then since it the first time i check the site then maybe issue with cache try to clear it

  2. if this the site it work fine here even with agrresive and strict settings
    so could be cache issue also
    notice i just load the site did not login or anything

hope that help and have a nice day

I cleared my cache, and will still not load (and my shields are down). The screen shot below is what I get, it never moves past this; just sits here.

Hello @ZSM

could you disable all extension then try again in private mode and i notice that this screen stayed as your screen shoot for while as it download huge amount of data so give it 1-2 min depend on your internet speed
for me it take around 20 sec or less

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Have fixed the js popup error message on (Give it 24-48hrs)

Will look into the other site. blocking by Peter Lowes list may cause issues.


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