Site-specific option to enable localStorage and sessionStorage



I build desktop-class applications that run in browsers, typically internal applications for enterprises and government entities. These applications very commonly rely on combinations of localStorage and sessionStorage to manage cached application data. Unfortunately, while these applications run fine on most other browsers, these applications fail to run on Brave without turning off not only the shields but the full ad-blocking settings.

If this is an issue with how turning off the shields for a particular site work then I guess I’m asking that turning off shields would ensure that local/session storage work as expected.

If that’s not part of how shields are intended to work then I’d like to see a way to whitelist a URL specifically with respect to local/session storage.


Sorry for the delayed response.

Changes made in the shield is specific to the site you are making changes. This will over ride the global settings that is set by default.

By default Adblock is enabled and block script is disabled. You can enable block scripts globally and then visit the site and change settings(disable) which will allow scripts to be executed only for that site. There is no global settings for localStorage so you will have to make the site specific change under shields to allow all data to be set.

Hope this helps