Site & Shield Settings - Adding website URL wildcards to allow or block cookies, JavaScript, etc. (Feb 2023)


There seems to be a difference between [*.] and https://[*.] when adding site URLs to allowed/not allowed cookie, JavaScript, etc lists.

I have my cookies and JavaScript blocked by default on all sites except for those I manually allow via the Site information, Brave Shields or Settings menus. As with most other people the issue will mainly relate to permissions that allow websites to use cookies, JavaScript, and so on.

[*.] will work for the current page but subsequent pages that contain a modification to the parent URL, such as becoming, require their own allowed settings. This slows down browsing on first visits to sites when setting up permissions.

https://[*.] will work for all URLs with varying prefixes thus allowing a more straightforward browsing experience (if you trust the parent website).

I think https://[*.] is Brave’s intended behaviour rather than [*.] that is provided as an example.

I hope this helps.

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