Site Settings: Provide Maximum User Control


In the area of Site Settings, Brave (mobile and desktop) should provide the maximum amount of control to the user (in an intuitive way, of course).

The “All sites” list essentially functions as a whitelist for access to the various browser capabilities. Therefore, the user should be able to, in a single place, quickly and easily change any site’s access to any of the following:

Cookies, Location, Camera, Microphone, Notifications, Javascript, Popups, Desktop Mode, Media, Storage, Passwords, Autofill, Etc.

Additionally, the user should be able to edit/delete any site-specific data related to a setting (for example: delete the site’s cookies, or edit a username/password).

This could reduce the need for third-party password managers, javascript whitelists, cookie managers, etcetera.

Providing these capabilities would certainly differentiate Brave from other browsers, especially on mobile.

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