Site settings cookie exception rules not honored

Manual cookie exceptions still seem to block cookies
I’m so tired of logging into these websites. I just want my LastPass extension and my AddToPocket bookmarklet to remember my logins. I’m pretty sure it’s a cookie exception problem. Except my browser is not set to clear cookies on exit, and I’ve set up all of the following rules in site settings:

[*.] {embedded on}
[*.] {embedded on}
[*.] {embedded on}

Expected result: When I restart Brave, I should not be asked to log into any of the above domains, because I’m telling my browser in as many ways as possible to please allow their cookies

Brave Version: Version 1.8.96 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
all entries that have wildcards are exceptions set via Brave Shields, because the text entry box to create your own rule does not allow square brackets or asterisks like Chrome’s does

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For LastPass, you must set the cookie exception in Shields.

  1. Visit and ensure you’re logged in
  2. Open Shields panel, change cookie control setting to Allow all cookies
  3. Login to your LastPass extension.
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Hi @Mattches,

That was the second thing I tried, actually! That is in fact how I got these items onto the exceptions list I included in my post:

I’ve also attached a screenshot of my current (and prior!) Shields panel so you can be extra sure :slight_smile:

update! the LastPass login page – not the one that opens with a https://chrome-extension/ URL, but the one on the website, has Brave Shield settings that are independent from the site homepage (where I recently disabled the Shields completely), and the only thing Brave thinks is a tracker is probably actually the critical login cookie. I’m unblocking it now before I sign in again, and I’ll update here if that solves the LastPass issue :+1:

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Thank you for clarifying.
But when you open the browser, the extension is still logged out but when you visit, you’re still logged in – is that correct?

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