Site Operator verification thinks my site is Wordpress


When signing up I selected “SITE OPERATOR” option. Entered my website and it thinks I am using Wordpress when I am not. And I also do not have SSL on my site but it thinks my domain is using 'https"

Here is the page details

Hello. It looks like you are using Wordpress!
Good, your domain is using HTTPS.
Install the plugin that makes the entire process a snap.
(Plugin location:


In the end I clicked back and went with the YouTube option and verified via Google and it worked ok.

Can I add my Website/s? - If so how do convince your script that my site isn’t using Wordpress

And or can you have more than one website and a youtube channel?

Hi @robdido,

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve reopened an issue, and we’re looking into it.

Edit: Regarding having more than one website or youtube channel: currently you can only have one per account, but we will be releasing an update that will allow you to manage multiple with a single account shortly.



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@robdido We created an option for you to change the verification method if you are not using wordpress but are directed to the wordpress verification page. When you have time, try it out and let me know how it goes.

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