Site not working

Maximum indian government sites and mi store india not working in brave with shield. Sometimes it works if you turn off brave shield. Note:- working in chrome.

Issue type :- Not able login
When I entered login details and try to login get looped login page( redirected to login page) again and again!

And in the case of mi store india when I entered login details Get captcha verification and after verification i redirected to login page again .

Note:- .

@Saoiray @fanboynz

:hamsa: soon will be working , almost all are now on tech break

Don’t have a login to test, is it still an issue? Test in private window mode

not working !
Also facing the same issue in

What error are you seeing?

I want to go to a specific page whose link is given on the website but when clicked it is getting redirected on the homepage in Brave but working in Chrome.

forget it for now fix it first

I have to verify the student’s application by 5th February.

brave proved that brave is not a web browser but it is a third class ad blocking tool.

Note:- Now it is not needed.

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