Site not showing in my Rewards auto-contribute list

Hey there, I was just wondering why doesn’t ever appear on my list of auto-contribute sites on my Rewards page. So far, they are not a verified publisher, but it is a site I frequent nearly every day, and if they ever did decide to become verified, I would love for them to get the BAT they’re due from me, as well as to be able to tip.

I checked my Excluded sites (I don’t have any), and scrolled all the way through the expanded list just in case I was misestimating the attention spent on the site, and it doesn’t appear anywhere in the list.

I just thought I’d bring this up in case it was a bug or something that needed fixed. Thanks!

If you go to Rewards --> Settings --> AC Settings can you ensure that you have the Allow contributions to unverified sites box checked?

It is enabled, and my list does contain a mixture of nonverified sites, which is why I thought it odd that it seems like just this one is not appearing.

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