Site changed appearance, but only on my desktop PC

Hello. is a Norwegian online marketplace that mediates various types of advertisements and services for private individuals and businesses.
From one day to the next something happened when I’m at the site that I’m unable to resolve: when clicking a listing the looks and behaviour only appears normal in a flash (less than a second) before it changes to something with less functionality and a different look; this is happening in both Brave and Chrome, but only on my desktop PC (Win10). On my laptop (Win11) all is good.

Unable to reproduce on other PC’s

Have tried various solutions; deleted all cookies and reset settings. Doesn’t matter if I’m logged in or not… Now tried to disable JavaScript:

Nothing seems right otherwise, so then…

Windows 10 Pro 22H2, Brave v 1.60.118 Chromium: 119.0.6045.163 (64-bit)

Shields activated as the ad-level on the site is much too high.

Anyone got an idea?

Thnx (‘’,)

Why is the Javascript disabled? Which would affect the website

Definitely does, it was only to show how the website changed appearance.

Support at just came through with an actual suggestion (after a week of back and forth); they say the Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on will conflict with Javascript, so I’ll try to disable it now.

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