Site can't be verified / transfered - tried all verification methods

I’m trying to add my site 99Bitcoins as a publisher. I’ve used all possible methods (txt file, dns) but all I keep getting is this message: Your channel could not be verified!

When I click try again I get the following message on the top of the browser:
Channel will be transferred from current owner in a short time.

In the past it used to show a different message saying “channel will be transferred from previous owner in 10 days” but now it only shows what I’ve stated above (10 days have already passed since my initial claim for the channel).

Not sure what can be done next to claim this channel. Would appreciate any help.

Hi @99bitcoins,

Welcome to community and thanks for reaching out! It looks like is a verified publisher. Are you seeing something different?

Hi @steeven,
I think it was verified on our old email ( and now we’re trying to transfer in to a new email

Here’s what I’m seeing at the moment

Hi @99bitcoins,

Apologies for the delay here. Are you still running into the same issue?

Thank you.

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