Site and pages no longer loading


I have been having issues with the app on my iphone no longer loading the pages AND now the site of Breaking Israel News ( after reinstalling the app, it no longer loads the site. Is BRAVE blocking this site???


It looks like the issue is with the ads and trackers on the website. Brave blocks many third-party ads, trackers and cookies, which may sometimes interfere with websites that employ them extensively.

I just tested the website, and it looks like it loads over 100 ads/trackers. I also cannot load the webpage inside Brave with my Brave ad-blocking shield enabled.

However, this can be easily fixed if you go into the top right corner, press the Brave lion icon, and disable shields when you navigate to the site (at least the “block ads and trackers” option).

With Brave’s strong shields disabled, I can successfully visit the website on both Mac and on my iPhone :). It works immediately. Hope that helps!


I had to stop scripts from running which, now I am not able to watch videos but I just wait until I get home and watch on my laptop. Thanks.


please re-open if you’re able to list a few example URLs which are broken (screenshots are helpful too). Did you try with shields down? (Lion in top right- can toggle on and off per domain). Some sites don’t work when shields are enabled

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