Sir Kindly Add Some Useful Features

Honorable Sir,
Please Add Some Features…

  1. Built In Translator Like Chrome… (Without External Redirect)
  2. Sir Add Epic Vpn Proxy Support/ Ur Own To Bypass Website Restrictions
  3. :yum::upside_down_face: Add Chrome Webstore Extension Support
  4. Add Social Media Built In Downloader.
  5. External Downloader Support
    6)Site Sorce Viewer
  6. Add Javascript Enable/ Disable In Main Menu
  7. Add Force Autoplay Disabler
  8. Dont Store Video Load Catch In local stream in online base… :heart:

[Reduce Catches It Will Help For Mobile Data User] [Add Lite Mode With Data Saving] [ **If Possible Add Build In Video Player With Regulation Changer(Replace Website Player ]

This App Eat Mobile Data Quicker This Is Annoying…

Update This Features In Main App / build Another One With this features…

Thanks :slightly_frowning_face:

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