Single word and paragraph translation


could we get more option for the translation :

  1. option to translate single word
  2. option to translate whole paragraph
  3. option to translate selected text

just some idea on how to do it

an option that allow the user to set short key for example a user choose alt key then when the user press it then

  1. so alt + hover with the mouse over single word it show the translated word
  2. so alt + selected text / paragraph it translate the text/paragraph

maybe the translated text show instead or the original text and some option menu next to it to show extended translation

extended translation mean more translation for the same word and different meaning for different use of it maybe that extended option show up same as the right click menu

when user press esc or some key it return to the original text

the benefit from single word translation it help people to learn the language while translate the unknown word only and sometime the word is more related to the context so maybe the whole page translation do not get it well and sometime it tech term

not sure if that would help anyone else or not

thanks for your time for reading and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile: