Single "Bookmarks" directory breaks EverSync bookmarks extension - Brave 1.2+

The replacement of the “Bookmarks Bar” and “Other Bookmarks” bookmarks directories with “Bookmarks” prevents EverSync bookmarks extension from any form of synchronization/push/pull.


Noticed the same. Very annoying! Beta has this problem too now.
You can also no longer import the bookmarks backup HTML into Firefox it seems.


It’s the same problem across all versions. This needs to get looked at!

It seems that >= Beta versions experience this behavior.

EDIT ALL builds are affected now.

The new bookmarks structure seems to break every bookmark sync extension. I’ve tested it on EverSync, xBrowserSync and syncmarx and all of them did not longer work. xBrowserSync now reports me an “unexpected bookmarks structure” and denies the sync.


Same problem with EverSync: Sync is not working with current version of Brave. Please provide a fix, this is still working in Google Chrome but I love using Brave…

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Same problem! Brave sync is already messy as is and I use different browsers often, I can’t afford to lose EverSync’s functionality! This needs more attention!

Breaking Eversync and causing bookmark carnage. Love Brave and hoping for an update or fix. Please don’t make me go Chrome!

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Yep. It’s a deal breaker.

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I’m new to Brave.
The browser is really great but unlike all other chrome based browsers I use (vivaldi, chromium), BRAVE 1.2.42 does not work with eversync extension !!!
It’s a real problem for me.
Hope it will be fix quickly

I can confirm this issue with my Brave 1.2.42 on Win10. VIvaldi (latest version 2.10.1745.27) works fine with this.

Issue still present in latest version. Deal Breaker guys really need this.

[Version 1.2.43 Chromium: 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

can confirm: xbrowsersync doesn’t work on brave with new structure. need urgently!

Need this resolved asap, I use Brave for personal use and for work as well; today I got into major problems because of this issue. I’m always talking good things about Brave when some colleague asks “what browser are you using?” but need to be more careful with that as I feel Brave lack reliability.

Any updates here?
Looking forward to it

I hope strongly for a fix on the next release at february, 07th.

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Do we have an ETA on this fix? Has anyone talked to eversync. Brave’s native sync is really bad.

Who is responsible for this? As the extension is still working in chrome I guess Brave broke it and should fix it. But getting in contact with eversync is a good idea though. But its important to not let this thread sleep for more than 30 days or it will be irreversibly closed (like this one)

I contacted eversync as soon as I experienced the issue and had an idea of what the issue was. I never heard anything back so I think it would be good for everyone that uses EverSync and wants a fix to go ahead and put in a support ticket or suggestion.

Ditto on Brave’s sync… it is definitely a weak point of the browser.

Absolutely agree with @zeeclor !! +1 +1 +1 +1. This bug preventing Eversync to sync is driving me nuts !!. Please, IT guys at Brave, have a look at this !! . It is the kind of issues many techie guys from the community really value !!