Sincs wallet over different devices

Hi , would like to know as i started with android devices to create a wallet how to sincs the same on desktop? the sincs with the different devices worked but not for the wallet.
Additionally do you have an idea when the bidirectional wallet will be completed?

How does this work? If there’s no withdrawal.

hi, assume you mean withdrawal from wallet! as i know in the moment being the BAT rewards stay in the wallet which is unidirectional.There is no withdrawal possible. Brave i read is developing a bidirectional wallet.But i’m not sure that’s why my question

A bidirectional wallet is one where users can either withdraw their bats or contribute it to their favorite content creator

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Right! Until now you can only send funds to the brave wallet but not withdraw. right?

@Linux wallet sync is in the plan. For now, you’ll get different wallet for each device that you have. From FAQ

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Thank you so much. .happy easter

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