Since when brave started to remove BATS?

I believe, I had 5-6 bat or even more before I get this month payout.

This month pay out was 2.99 which brave gave me 3.

But now brave showing me only 3 bats

Brave started doing this things meh.

Do you (or did you) have auto-contribution on?


Brave just removed it welp, I really don’t mind if nothing happens cause I don’t think there can be any solution to this. Since I can’t prove anything

Brave always remove certain small amount from every month payout. But this time they gave the full payout but took the amount which I already had lol.

You have reported a bug in another thread, saying that your Brave Browser has connected to your Gemini India wallet and that BAT was sent there, as you have reset your computer. Maybe this is where you BAT went to?

That’s window’s brave not Android’s brave

Where did I mentioned this?

You mentioned it here but in another thread :smile:

I’m sorry but I never mentioned that I have reset my device.

Also, this is completely different topic.

Like this one is for Android brave.
And that one is for Window brave.

Please try to understand if you can’t

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