Since using Brave VPN Beta Testing, NTP Sponsored Images are not Updating

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Android Nightly

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I joined Brave VPN Beta testing on Android Nightly a few days back. Since then NTP Sponsored Images are not updating, I am getting same Exhodus Ads Images for 3-4 days now, which is not an availble Ad in my region anymore. Even if I change my ip to any other location, I see same Exhodus Ad and not NTP SI from that region. So obviously NTP SI is not rewarded.

And if after enabling Brave VPN when I restart Nightly, I get NTP Sponsored Images that are not from my region. This is due to VPN, I understand, so may be an option/a toggle to “close VPN on exit”.

Also all internet of the device is routed through VPN. So this could be a feature request- could it be possible to route only specific Apps on Andriod (maybe only Nightly) and not a music or video streaming app or not the whole internet traffic in Android?

All entries on brave://components say “update error” (whether VPN is enabled or not)-

I have raise the issue with Gaurdian VPN as well. Thought I will post here as well with feature request. @Mattches

Watching this as about to test the VPN here too.

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It might not be your case but note that your Operating System “region” configuration should match your ip location (and therefore your catalog) in order to reward Sponsored Images.

In other words, the catalog will automatically follow your ip address but your OS region configuration maybe won’t.

I’m from Brazil and running Brave on Windows, so I need to keep an eye on this settings section alongside with my ip location:

I see you’re on mobile but you could try and check it too.

PS.: components “update error” message is not necessarily an error. Maybe it just didin’t see the need to update.

Appreciate your response but this doesn’t apply to me. I have updated OP to be more clear.

And I enable Brave VPN from inside Nightly after launching it (and not from Brave profile in system settings), so I expect the Ad catalog will load from my region. And I do get Ad notifications from my region and get rewarded.