Since uphold verification is no longer active in my country, can i still manually transfer from brave wallet? Gas fees innevitable?

Is there a way to avoid fees if I want to manually transfer from brave wallet to Uphold (or any wallet)? If not… any news about verification active again in Argentina? I mean… I don’t mind to wait, as long as there is certainty that the solution will happen. Maybe you can share a term with us? Thanks

Let’s be clear before anything. BAT from Rewards never are in your Brave Wallet. The only way they make it that far is if you’ve received it at Uphold or Gemini and then you paid the gas fees to send it to Brave Wallet.

I’m providing any updates as we get them over at PSA: Unsupported Region

I’m not sure what you last had seen, but it’s likely going to be several months before any progress. Sometime this week they’ll hopefully open Uphold back to the restricted 19 countries (it’s been not allowing anyone in the world to connect for past couple weeks). Then likely up to 2 months for France and India, along with whoever they manage.

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Thanks for the info. About BAT in my brave wallet… it’s true what you say, my brave wallet doesn’t have any BAT right now, but I assumed brave rewards will start to go there since uphold can’t right. Will they? A straight answer to that question will be very much welcomed.
In any case, my question was if there is a way to avoid fees in transfers from brave wallet to uphold. Thanks for your time.

No, but this is because Brave Rewards and Brave Wallet are two separate things. When you are not linked to Uphold or Gemini, then your BAT can only be stored in Brave as vBAT. The only thing you can do with vBAT is save it for the future or to tip Content Creators. vBAT can’t be withdrawn.

The reason why they can’t use Brave Wallet is because of international laws as well as the laws of each individual country. If they placed it in Brave Wallet where it could be moved elsewhere, they would have to get special licenses, plus they would have to do KYC/AML for every user. This means in order to participate in Brave Rewards, users would have to share all of their personal information. Obviously this would turn away many users and also be a huge burden to Brave, which would then have to keep and safeguard that information. On top of that, they also would have to regularly report to the governments how much you’re earning and everything. It just is way too much time, money, and possible issues.

To avoid that, Brave has been using exchanges that serve as banks. This gives the option to either just participate to control ads and tip people where you don’t have to go through all of that…or you can sign up with that third party who specializes in everything. Those places like Uphold and Gemini collect all the information, have the licenses needed, report to the governments as necessary, etc. In return, Brave gets to focus on everything else.

They are looking to add more exchanges and other options in order to get BAT, but we can’t say for certain when that might happen.


So BAT earnings are no real earnings right now. Maybe for content creators, sure. Ok. Not happy with the situation, I confess. Have no reason to use Brave right now. Maybe in “several months”. Thanks.

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Well, they are earnings but with limited use until you verify with an exchange. Once able to get it to the exchange, you’re able to do with it as you please, including converting it to cash. But until then, it’s kind of like casino tokens and Brave is the casino. You can take the tokens elsewhere but it’s no value to them, so you first have to convert it.

Means you’d have the BAT to turn to cash when they add support for your region again. You can kind of think of it as a forced HODL, lol.

There’s a lot more to Brave than just Rewards anyway. But if the faster speed, better privacy, awesome built-in ad-block, and all of that stuff isn’t any reason to use Brave, then I guess just have to say good luck.


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