Since the new update having some random issues using 2 monitors


Since the new update that recently went out, I have noticed 2 new annoying problems that I do believe are bugs and not working as intended.

#1 - I have 2 monitors and any time I have the browser open on 1 monitor and click a new tab and then drag and drop that new tab onto my 2nd monitor to make 2 browser windows. That newly dragged browser just completely freezes and I am not able to do anything on that new window, I cannot even close it out. I have to close out the entire brave browsers from the ctrl-alt-delete window.

#2 - Again another issue using 2 monitors. Any time I open even just a new browser and Drag it from the main monitor where the browser opens to, and snap it over to my 2nd monitor It will snap and go fully onto that new monitor but leaving about 4-5mm of space at the top that it didn’t fully cover, I have to re-drag it and snap it back to make it completely go full screen onto the 2nd monitor.

hopefully this was helpful, and thank you again for your time.

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