Since latest update problem

since the last update of January 6th I have a problem. Brave shuts down immediately after startup. i have a samsung galaxy s21

The Brave version is: 1 46.154

Thank you for reaching out.
Can you please tell me what version of Brave you were updating to? You should be able to tell what version you’re using without opening the app by going to (on your Android device) Settings --> Apps —> Brave

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I have edit my post.
The version is 1 46.154

I don’t know how, but just as suddenly as the problem appeared, it also disappeared after a few days.

Apologies for the late reply here — to confirm, Brave is now consistently working?

Yes indeed. no idea what caused the problem and why after a few days Brave works again without problems.

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Thank you for the update. I’m glad it is working for you again — I will leave this thread open for a while in the even that the issue occurs again. If it does please reach out to us here.

Thank you

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