Since last distribution of rewards the rewards are almost nothing

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After receive the last rewards the new rewards that I see in the browser is almost nothing, is this normal, also I have verified and it is connected to my uphold wallet so everything seems be ok except the rewards that I see in the browser

Oct 0.494 - 0.740 BAT

Kind regards
Humberto Oliveira

@haboliveira nobody is ever guaranteed any amount of BAT. It will fluctuate based on a wide variety of things, including your own setup and what you allow. If you go to brave://rewards you will see how many ads you have seen from things like New Tab Page ads, Brave News, and Ads Notifications. If you notice you’ve got nothing listed for any particular area, then you know that you’re likely not taking advantage of those and it may be part of why yours is lower.

Beyond that, you can visit to see ads available in your area. If you pay close attention, it will show you when the campaign started, the maximum amount of times you can see ads from each campaign, and which OS they are targeting. If your OS is one that many ads aren’t targeting or perhaps you hit the maximum amount of times you could see ads from particular campaigns, then that means you’ll see a reduction.

Look I never said that was guarantee, but i did move to anywhere i live on the same place so that’s why I was asking because so far was ok I have the browser last update just asking but ok

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@Just a FYI, everything I said was in a calm manner and I tried giving you some information in case you were unaware.

It can be hard to see tone in writing sometimes. The reason I’m mentioning is the phrasing seems like you felt attacked in my reply. At least the part I quoted above as the starting point feels like it was more of a defensive thing. So I wanted to make sure nothing being taken negatively and I’m able to provide any assistance as best as possible.

Just want to clarify, is this a typo and you’re saying you did not move somewhere and you’re still in the same location?

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