Simple Tab "Manager"


There is a feature in Safari and an extension for Chrome that have a similar feature that is very helpful to people like me that tend to find several links that I’d like to read, open in a new tab, and after going down the rabbit hole, end up with dozens of open tabs. Sometimes this gets a bit hard to manage and takes up a bit of memory. In Safari their is an option to save all tabs to the reading list. This saves memory, makes it easier to navigate, and helps to make sure I can read the articles I want. In Chrome the extension is called OneTab. This extension lets you consolidate all open tabs into one tab in list form with a timestamp. As you open the links they are removed from the list. You can continue to open and save more tabs, and as they’re added they are under a timestamp to make it easy to find. The tab is pinned so unless you close it yourself it just keeps adding it like a reading list.