Simple Backup of Rewards-Seed does Not Work (Desktop Only)

this topic is probably not new but is obviously still relevant. How can it be that I save a Brave-Reward-Seed into my password manager and when I restore the Seed my BATs are not restored. Under “brave: // rewards-internals” I see that the “Persona ID / User ID” is not restored identically. In contrast, the Wallet Payment ID is correctly restored.

Fortunately, I did a restore test before I shot down my old system.

How exactly should a backup work? Is there a wallet file somewhere that I can simply take over? with “grep -R” I found the Persona ID in the file “Default / ledger_state”. The file from the old system does not seem to work with the new system.

I thought Brave would be further on this matter.

Thanks for the Help

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