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Hi, I’m new to all this, so may even have the following terminology wrong. I tried signing up for Brave Rewards, but when it came to the part where I need to take a photograph of a QR code, the app worked fine on my phone, but there was no 6-digit code revealed. I tried a manual form, but this then said something like an error. Now I have completely lost track of the process and cannot get details back up again. So through all this mess I am not sure exactly what to ask here, but hopefully someone here can decipher? Thank you, DC

It sound like you are trying to set up a sync, not rewards. Turning rewards on is one simple toggle. If you want to keep the BAT you need to turn the auto-contribute toggle off.

If this isn’t it. What device do you use? Is your goal to set up Brave Rewards, Sync, CryptoWallets, or something else?

To be certain, I do not know what exactly I am looking for. I think it’s rewards, as in do ‘something’ so as to collect fractions of crypto, because, quite simply, why not? But then I wouldn’t know, at this moment, the difference between rewards, sync, etc.? Plus, as I am pretty new to all this, where are my crypto stored, and can I shift these to separate wallets/keys (another issue I need to gen-up on)? Thank you, DC

I’m guessing you aren’t a native English speaker either. It’s very hard to ascertain what you are trying to do and what you are seeing.

The ≡ on the top right will lead you to many things:
Brave Rewards - Where you can turn rewards on, turn auto-contribute off (if you want to keep the BAT). Then just wait for a month if you want to tip people(You can buy BAT too I think for that), or wait many months to enjoy the stranglehold that uphold has if planning to cash out.

Sync - If using more than one device, currently syncing them, they will all share the same bookmarks. I don’t believe passwords and extensions are shared at this time.

Crypto Wallets - A place to put your crypto funds that help you participate in DAPP enabled websites or to just send and receive payments. This does NOT connect to the BAT you earn in Brave rewards.

The BAT you earn you can’t export unless you joined Uphold currently, you don’t get the private key or a backup phrase. If you use the Crypto wallet, everything is kept in that internal extension’s folder. However, you need to provide a password and copy down the private key recovery phrase. So as long as you don’t lose that recovery phrase, whatever is in the Crypto wallets is still yours to do with as you please.

You are lacking basic knowledge in using a program and crypto, so yes you need to learn some more. There’s lots of youtube videos might help on that.

Hi 141, I had to laugh as I’m as English as English can be, but that my query came across as garbled clearly highlighted how behind I am. That said, if I can understand all this then I can easily help others.

Ok, in the last couple of days I’ve watched some tutorials and think I have a better handle. Please see the attached - my question for now (taking this step by step) is that I cannot verify the wallet. There is 1.240 BAT showing as estimated pending rewards, but also a sign saying that a wallet cannot be verified until 25 BAT is showing. Silly question, but does this mean that when 25 BAT is showing that I can then verify this wallet and in due course the BATs will go into my wallet?

Also, as a creator I have linked my YouTube channel. It seems so simple: whatever I view on YouTube, while logged into my YT account, means that I will be paid for watching any adverts on the platform? Or I will be paid for people who visit my channel and they watch an advert that YT has sold to its advertisers?

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I think the only way to add uphold without buying BAT is that 25 BAT minimum. They’ll want all your important details for KYC for that little $5 (if 25 BAT). After you add uphold, your BAT is always accessible in uphold. Basically your stuck with uphold’s fees, but you can withdrawal to a bank. Future prospects should have giftcards available, bought for BAT, so people can avoid the uphold data abuse. KYC is abuse to me at earning levels lower than $600 per year.

You only earn BAT from the bottom right popup text ads you see currently. You earn ZERO from any ads you still see on website, including video ads, at this time. The only way you could earn from those in the future if Brave was the clearinghouse for those ads. The website, youtube, twitter, reddit, etc you add, means that people can tip you at those locations, a minimum of 1 BAT. Or if someone has auto-contribute on, then if they spend all day, every day watching your videos, you will get 100% of their auto-contribute. If they spend 10% of their time on your videos, you get 10% of auto-contribute. I keep suggesting everyone turn AC off, so they get to decide via tips. I strongly oppose their way of having donations as a more or less hidden feature, where BAT disappears and people don’t know why, then complain here.

So basically, if you or others want BAT, there’s no need to see any ads, at all, online. You can use an additional ad-blocker like uBlock Origin to get rid of the first party ads that the Brave Shields doesn’t block. Of course an additional blocker can slow things down a bit.

Finally, having AC on, it will always drain your BAT monthly, including whatever you have in your uphold wallet, once linked. I think the default amount is 20 BAT. If you buy BAT AC will use those BAT too to contribute to others.

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