Signing in on takes me to

My Google account being signed in on Youtube had been fine for sometime. I hadn’t been using the ad/tracker blocker so the content creators and Youtube get the pay the deserve. One day I noticed that I was signed out of my Google account and when going to sign back in I am redirected to

How might I fix this? This issue isn’t happening on my other computer.

Thanks, Ethan.

@TheEthanAlexander What settings are you using for Brave Shields? Usually that particular issue you’re sharing happens when cookies are blocked. You may need to toggle cookies for that site if you haven’t. If not that, then also have to ask if you’re using any extensions that might be blocking.

I have Brave Shields set to only block cross-site cookies. I just tested logging into my Google account on Youtube with Brave Shields off and I was still taken to

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