Significantly lower earnings and impossible withdrawal uphold

for starters, i’m pretty disappointed to see that the earnings are much lower than before, then the uphole wallet service announces excessive withdrawal fees. I am very disappointed because I strongly supported the brave project.


same happens to me. earnings are only 30 percent vs last month… why?

Same here, about 30% pay out on my 2 browser wallets (mobile and desktop), and it still shows a leftover total in my pending rewards tab. I understand that they are approximations, but they have been at least close in the past. I’m wondering if this has something to do with the BAT boom up to 40¢ and crash back to the standard 23-27¢.

U should convert your BAT in XRP at your uphold account. Then withdrawal fees will must be reduced.

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it’s true. coz bat withdrawal with ethereum network will make expensive network fee

This is happening also with me.

Kuch nahi raha aab Brave Browser me

Google translate :- Nothing happens now in Brave Browser

Received 8 BAT “earnings” for ~ 250 ads in August = $1,84 - really?? they must be joking?!

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