Significant new bug in payments UI since recent update - channel names, verification


Hey Team;

  • All of my pinned Youtube channels have lost their name values and just list a Youtube site now. This may have something to do with the identifier?

  • All of the surfing time has been reset too.



I have unpinned the Youtube channels, because the URL’s weren’t working. Now, mainstream Youtube channels and others are not coming up as verified. Is anybody else experiencing the same?

@LaurenWags Thanks!


Since yesterday, I’ve experienced another new bug with Brave Payments. There’s a new button on the Payments page that says, “Claim my free tokens,” but every time I click on it and then drag and drop the BAT logo directly onto the triangle target to “prove that I’m a human,” it always says “Hmm…not quite. Please try again.”

Either that, or it says there’s a network problem and that I should try again later.


Hi @Raolin

Could you toggle payments off, wait a minute, and toggle back on?




We have an issue logged for this:

Could you try with Brave maximized on your screen?

Also just a heads up, if you are still seeing the network message after you try maximized, wait 24h and try again.



Just checked it out – Toggling on/off does not fix the issue.


Thanks @Raolin - logged for this.



Great thanks Lauren!!


I just now figured this one out and solved the problem. I momentarily reduced my laptop screen resolution from 4K (3840 X 2160) down to 2K (1920 X 1080), signed out of Windows 10, and signed back in for the scaling changes to take effect. Reopened my Brave browser, dragged and dropped the BAT triangle onto the target, and viola! It worked.

Does anyone at your office have a 4K computer monitor? You’d better get one and start using it for bug testing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Claim my free tokens is not working - dragging logo over triangle isn't recognized, tried 20 times

great, glad you solved it @DiscoProJoe :smiley:

Since all issues are resolved, going to close this thread out. Please open new threads for any other issues.


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